How to stick with healthy habits

April 12, 2021 0 Comments

Almost everyone has a vision of the perfect person they will love to be in their head, but becoming that image is very tough. You might have even tried, but you keep failing every single time. As such, you have stopped. However, to live a better life, you need to stick with your healthy habits despite the challenges.

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Start with being cognitive

A lot of people think that when it comes to improving their lives and health, they need to think more about action. However, for you to act, you need to get healthy starts in your head. Don’t worry if you don’t feel ready to start taking action. Try to be cognitive at first; gather all the information you need about the change you want to see, consider your options, benefits and what it will require to grow, and how to integrate this healthy habit slowly into your life. With time, you will be more encouraged to take action.

Focus on the long-term benefits

A lot of people want instantaneous results. They want to do something today and get results tomorrow. However, most things in life don’t work that way. You have to build a proper foundation and be consistent with your healthy habits before you start getting results. Focusing on shorter solutions helps to jumpstart a better version of you but they are not feasible for the long term. It is advised you adopt healthy behaviours you will easily be consistent with so that your efforts won’t be lost in the long run.

Take small steps

Contrary to what you see in flashy advertisements, taking your growth process one step at a time is the best way to stick with your healthy habits. Small, incremental steps aren’t outdated, even though the internet makes them seem so. For instance, if you want to start getting more physically active, don’t try to hit the gym and spend 3 hours working out. Start with a 10-minute walk in your neighbourhood for like 5 times a week before you start aiming for long hours. Over time, you can increase your efforts and be consistent with them without a struggle.

Be disciplined enough to carry on, with or without motivation

Motivation is key to taking small, incremental steps that lead to huge results in future, but motivation will not always be there. It waxes and wanes, and cannot be relied upon. With time, your inner, motivation will wear out and only your discipline will keep you on track. One effective way to cope with the inconsistency of motivation is to anticipate what will happen and set up systems that help you cope with it.

Make reminders of important things, ask for support and create backup plans in case your initial plan fails. Either your motivation gains more ground or plummets eventually, you need to keep going. As soon as you begin to see the benefits of your healthy habits, the motivation will return.